Our Mission

Our mission is to help heal our oceans, air and Earth while dramatically increasing the longevity and nutrition of food and to advance the health, well-being and lifespan of humanity.

The FRIDGE FRESH® unit is a small device using activated oxygen to kill pollutants and microbes once placed in your refrigerator. Pollutants and microbes are what causes fresh produce to welt and mold at a faster rate. With the FRIDGE FRESH® unit your family can prolong the shelf life of fruits and other produce 3X longer. This not only ensures your family eats healthy longer but also keeps more money in your pocket!

Families everywhere are now discovering the benefits of replacing canned fruits and vegetables with fresh produce because of the FRIDGE FRESH® unit. Having handfuls of fresh fruits and vegetables easily accessible for morning smoothies, afternoon snacks, and dinner side dishes allows for a healthier and happier household.