Top 6 Causes Of Fridge Odors

Refrigerator odors are very easy to detect but extremely difficult to get rid of no matter how much cleaning solution, mint, or vanilla you clean with. Some people assume that odors are the cause of food spoilage which prevents them from finding the real culprit in sources like manufacturing materials, cleaning supplies, or hard-to-reach products. Here are the six most likely causes of fridge odors that have a simple Fridge Fresh solution.

1. Bacteria, Fungus, And Yeast On Aging Fruits And Vegetables

When food begins to go bad, the smell may not necessarily mean it is yet spoiled since produce begins to grow bacteria, mold, and yeast the minute food leaves its natural environment. You will notice a musty smell begin to permeate your fridge as these microscopic organisms grow. The best way to overcome them is by using a Fridge Fresh unit to kill these microbes and extend the shelf-life of your produce up to 10 days.

2. Chemical Changes Between Heated Foods And Cold Leftovers

There is a misconception that smelly refrigerated food is automatically bad. The truth is that food undertakes certain changes when heated because the ingredients undergo chemical changes that eaters associate with the food. With the same mindset, heated food reacts differently than cold food which is why you experience a change in your smell and taste. In an enclosed space, the smells are much more defined than in stove-top settings.

3. Odor Absorption In Plastic Materials 

Plastic is a go-to storage container whether you are having a large family holiday dinner or want to reduce your waste. Plastic storage containers also come in different sizes and shapes which make it an affordable and economical storage option. The issue with plastic is that it is a material that absorbs odors and permeates your fridge. As we previously wrote in our blog, odors are common which is why we have written several articles about odor removal. Whether you like vinegar or a top-shelf dishwasher cleaning, there are lots of organic ways to remove odors including Fridge Fresh’s activated oxygen technology.

4. Moisture Levels 

Moisture control is really critical to the health and cleanliness inside your fridge. Damp is often the culprit for odors as the fridge is a dark, wet environment that is ripe for microbes to thrive. Standing water below the bottom tray and open water sources are a perfect recipe for odors and unhealthy bacterial growth. Keep your refrigerator as dry as possible by wiping down shelving and walls. 

5. Spilled Foods

Spills easily occur in the fridge because of opened containers, stored leftovers, and condiments. It is helpful to remove any odorous spills by performing routine cleanings.

6. Chemicals 

From your cleaning solution to ammonia-like leaking gas odors in the fridge, the smells coming from the back of your refrigerator may not be related to what you have stored. If you notice such a gaseous smell but are unable to locate the cause, it is best to call a refrigerator repair technician as chemicals are harmful when inhaled.

To eliminate odors for any of these reasons, buy our affordable Fridge Fresh unit now for only $29.98.

Steve Horrell