How To Get Rid Of Funky Fridge Odors

Do you have problems with refrigerator odors? There is a lot of odor removing methods to get rid of funky fridge smells, but unless you find a full-time solution, the day-in-and-out contact will only ensure they quickly return. There are lots of innovative solutions, though, from a thorough cleaning to allowing Fridge Fresh kill bacteria, mold, and fungus on contact.

Step One: Defrost the refrigerator completely. Make sure to put a towel in front to soak up any water that spills out on your floor as it tends to pool at the bottom of the humidity trays.

Step Two: Remove all the food and storage containers. Make sure to pay attention to expiration dates that are well past their prime so you can discard them. You should make a list of foods close to their expiration so that you can incorporate into your mealtimes.

Step Three: Get a cooler and ice to store your food in as it may need to defrost overnight. As food may go bad in four hours, it is important to preserve your food as long as possible. 

Step Four: Choose any of the following solutions below to clean your refrigerator.

  • Baking Soda: Mix a half cup of baking soda in warm water.

  • Vinegar: Use a half cup of white vinegar in warm water.

  • Citrus: Citrus has anti-bacterial properties, so use them to make a cleaning solution.

  • Dish soap: You can make a soapy solution using only your dish soap.

  • Commercial Green Cleaning Spray: Follow usage instructions as directed.

Step Five: Remove the shelving and clean it. Take a cleaning pad and use your mixture to thoroughly clean the freezer and walls and flooring on the inside of your fridge.

Step Six: Locate the drip tray underneath your refrigerator as it is a significant contributor to odorsIt will most likely be filled with dirty water, so be careful removing it. Dump the water, clean, and replace it. You can locate the pan if you follow your fridge’s defrost line that empties into the defrost pan. It will either be a plastic or metal pan that is flat. While underneath, you should check the grill to ensure no rodents are stuck if its a stronger odor.

Step Seven: Replace food items. Place them in an order based on their expiration dates.

Step Eight: Add odor neutralizers like baking soda, vanilla, dried coffee grounds, and oats to offset fridge smells. You can also use a small pan of kitty litter overnight to remove strong odors. The carbon in newspapers will also soak up odors. Simply add a layer to the floor of your fridge under your trays or wrap up any smelly food like fish that is thawing.

Step Nine: Buy a Fridge Fresh as it has oxidation technology that kills microbes on contact. As it is only $29.98, it will affordably neutralize smelly fridges and keeps it odor-free. It also extends the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables which will ensure your food is fresh and healthy. Buy now!

Steve Horrell