5 Ways To Remove Odors From Your Fridge

Just about every odor in your refrigerator comes from good intentions whether it was from trying to use leftovers, forgetting meat thawing on the bottom shelf, or fruits and vegetables that went bad before your family had time to consume them. Here are five ways to remove odors from your fridge without the use of harmful chemicals or expensive odor neutralizers.

1. Buy A Fridge Fresh Unit 

Buying a Fridge Fresh unit offers a permanent solution. Because it is only $29.98, it is also an affordable solution that also extends the shelf-life of your produce. If you read our August post on the innovative technology behind Fridge Fresh, you know that oxidation converts molecules into ozone which neutralizes air and water. While other products, some which are toxic, only serve the purpose of masking odors, Fridge Fresh stabilizes the environment and keeps your food healthy and odor-free.

2.Clean The Refrigerator With Vinegar And Water

Did you know that if you blend white vinegar and water in equal parts that it makes for a perfect natural cleaning agent? Using a natural cleaning agent will ensure that your food is safe to eat. Start by defrosting your fridge to do a deep clean. Take the removable shelves out and soak them in the sink. Use a spray bottle to mix your cleaning mixture and spray the interior thoroughly. Wipe down the area as well as the door’s seal.

3.Mix Baking Soda And Vanilla

For those hard-to-remove smells, you can use a natural mixture of baking soda and vanilla. Simply mix a half a cup of baking soda with one tablespoon of vanilla. If you have a small, open container, you can put it in the door of the freezer or refrigerator.

4.Blend Oats And Dried Coffee Grounds

Another natural mixture you can put in your refrigerator is oats and dried coffee grounds. Mix equal parts in a small container or use a clean cloth to sew a few small packets which you can place in those smelly areas that need an extra odor neutralizer.

5.Use Newspaper Or Charcoal To Absorb Odors

If you have yet to receive your Fridge Fresh unit and you do not want to often clean the fridge with natural sprays, your next best option is to neutralize the environment using newspaper or charcoal which will absorb odors when placed in your fridge.

  • Did you know that the carbon in newspapers naturally absorbs horrible odors? Simply place a piece of newspaper on the bottom of your produce shelf and leave it in for two days. If the odors are strong, leave it in for three days.

  • Did you know that charcoal is a common ingredient used to purify air, absorb odors, and gaseous toxins? Add a piece of charcoal in the door or other open areas overnight. You can use a napkin or piece of tinfoil for easy removal.

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Steve Horrell