Why FRIDGEFRESH Is The Perfect Gift For The Holiday Season

In 2017, the average family spent an average of $967.13 on winter holiday gifts. The average family also lost about $1410 last year from food waste. So, when you start looking for a gift this holiday season, why not choose Fridge Fresh which will save families more in a year than they are expected to spend? Here are a few more reasons as to why Fridge Fresh is the perfect gift!

1. It Is A Usable Gift

Most people cringe at getting gifts that they cannot use or already have five of in their closets. Receiving a usable gift like a Fridge Fresh unit will not only help families save thousands of dollars, but it is a gift that allows families to live healthier lives.

2. Promotes Household Efficiency

You do not need a dozen gadgets to make your kitchen run efficiently. You just need the right ones. Fridge Fresh in your refrigerator fights odors and maintains a clean environment that reduces the number of times you have to defrost and clean it.

3. Eco-Friendly

 A quarter of our landfill trash comes from families and businesses celebrating the holiday season. Another third of produce never even makes it to the table because of spoilage. A Fridge Fresh unit will counterbalance a family’s contribution to landfill waste all year long which makes it eco-friendly for families who need to save money all year long.

4. Extends The Life Of Your Produce By 7 To 10 Days

 The average lifespan of refrigerated produce varies significantly. A Fridge Fresh unit extends the life of fruits and vegetables with our state-of-the-art oxidation process which adds an additional week to fruits and vegetables that tend to go bad very quickly.

5. Gift Is Long-Lasting And Practical

Most gifts do not make it past the holiday season, but our Fridge Fresh unit comes with a thirty-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty. Not only will the warranty guarantee long-lasting usage, but it is a practical gift that keeps families healthy because of the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables that will have longer shelf lives.

6. It Promotes Health Because Of Oxidation Which Is Supported By Science

Our Fridge Fresh unit is backed by activated oxygen technology which is powerful enough to destroy viruses, bacteria, and environmental pollutants on contact. They are the very reason why food begins to deteriorate so quickly which leads to families choosing boxed or frozen foods instead of healthier menu selections.

7. Affordable

Quantity does not always equate to quality where gift-giving is concerned. The benefits of our unit are exponential as it is one that keeps on giving to every member of your family. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on worthless, easily forgotten gifts, buy a Fridge Fresh unit for only $29.98 and watch as it gives you more value for your purchase.

To learn more about our technology, free shipping offer, warranty, safety, and unit or produce placement, visit our FAQ page here. You can also learn more on Facebook or YouTube.

Steve Horrell