5 Reasons Why FRIDGE FRESH Kills Fridge Odors Better Than Other Methods

Are you thinking about buying a product for your fridge to counterbalance the odors you keep smelling every time you open the door even though you have cleaned it countless times? It happens to everyone, from forgotten leftovers to produce that went bad all too quickly. There are dozens of products, but here are five reasons why buying a Fridge Fresh will kill fridge odors better and faster than any of them.

1. Fridge Fresh Technology Kills Microbes To Extend The Shelf Of Your Products

Why would anyone want to buy a monthly odor enhancer for the fridge when you could get a one-purchase product that not only kills odors on contact but also kills the microbes that cause produce to decay? Buying products like baking soda or charcoal is also a temporary solution which means you will have to continually clean and replace these types of products. Fridge Fresh does not take time off, stop working, or need to be replaced which means you will have peace-of-mind that your Fridge Fresh unit is working overtime to extend the shelf-life by 7 to 10 days. 

2. Fridge Fresh Uses Activated Oxygen Technology That Is Safe And Reliable 

Unlike other products, Fridge Fresh removes the odor-causing impurities in your fridge’s air because of its unique activated oxygen technology. Fridge Fresh’s technology oxidizes molecules which creates O3. Activated oxygen technology is also a safe and reliable method that naturally keeps your refrigerator clean because of its ability to purify air and maintain it long-term. 

3. Fridge Fresh Is Compact And Saves You Space

Did you know that a Fridge Fresh is small and compact? With a Fridge Fresh, you won’t have to wonder about where to put your food as it sits snugly in the back of the fridge and not in the door or taking up a lot of space on your shelves where your milk or leftovers need to go.

4. You Do Not Have To Expose Your Family’s Food To Chemicals

When your fruits and veggies go bad, the odors permeate your fridge’s interior and leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Your first impression is to grab cleaning sprays from under the sink which puts your family in danger of residue contacts. The sprays also leave a dangerous film on your fridge shelving, cartons, and containers which exposes your family to harmful chemicals. 

5. A Fridge Fresh Doesn’t Mask Odors, It Kills The Bacteria That Causes It 

You have probably used baking soda because that is what your mom used, right? While grandma might swear by it, modern moms have access to Fridge Fresh technology that eliminators odors instantly. Baking soda neutralizes odors, but the cause of it is still there which is where Fridge Fresh is a must-have to not only destroy bacteria but to leave your fridge clean and odor-free.

Want to know more about how to naturally remove odors. Check out our blog as we post tips and tricks. Do not forget to pick up a Fridge Fresh unit for the holidays as it is just $29.98 when you buy it now.

Steve Horrell