Guide To Choosing The Best Refrigerator Dimensions For Your Family


If you are getting ready to replace your refrigerator, you are in for a treat as the technology has changed so dramatically that it will make choosing a brand very difficult. There are also factors like family size or lifestyle behaviors that influence your buying behaviors. You will benefit from this guide as it will help you choose the best refrigerator dimensions for your family.

1.     Configure The Size And Refrigerator Dimensions You Need

Your family size and lifestyle are primary issues as they determine how big a fridge you need. Refrigerator dimensions are measured by cubic feet, so you need to establish  need. How many family members are in your home? How often do you shop for food? Do you store leftovers? When you consider function, you have a good idea of the size you need.

 Dimensions Include:

o   18 to 26 inches wide (Great for two people or small families).

o   26 to 36 inches wide (Perfect for mid to large families) 

2.     Analyze The Design Styles

There are several refrigerator designs you want to consider before making your purchase.

o   French Door

 French door refrigerators are trendy as they have doors that pull out and a freezer on the bottom. This style appeals to adults, but is a bit inaccessible for children. 

o   Side-by-side Doors

Side-by-side refrigerators are chic and stylish as the freezer is located on one side and the refrigerator on the other. While you have more space to utilize, the shelving is often narrow and difficult to store much food.  

o   Top Mount

Top mount refrigerators are the most common designs. A top mount means that the freezer is above the refrigerator and the doors open to the right or left. While it is easily accessible, a larger length is often an issue that prevents installation. 

o   Bottom Mount

Bottom mount fridges have recently gained more popularity among consumers as the freezer doors pull out. As the fridge is at the top, it is more accessible since you are able to store food at a face-to-face level.

3.     Choose Optimal Features 

Today’s refrigerators come with all the bells and whistles. While you will find that common features are standard, newer models come with smart technology controls, sensors, ice makers, soda and water dispensers, and adjustable or spill-proof shelving.  

4.     Choose A Model With Energy Efficiency 

Most new-age refrigerators come with energy efficiency ratings which means you will save more money on your monthly utility bill. As it is one of the biggest energy consumers in your home, you must consider the benefit of size to the downfall of usage.

5.     Compare Brands

Appliance brands always matter as some are better manufactured than others. Take the time to read the user reviews to find out if quality and quantity go hand in hand.

 You will not have to wonder if a Fridge Fresh will fit as the unit is small enough to fit in small or large refrigerators. It is also strong enough to promote food safety thanks to O3 technology.

Briana Bragg