Why Your Office Needs FRIDGE FRESH To Eliminate Lingering Fridge Odor And Bacteria


How often have your employees felt pressure to go to work sick? It is a reality that workers feel that a sickness excuse puts them at risk for job loss because they think their employees will believe they invented a sickness to get out of work. It is the lingering fridge odors and bacteria present in the office that are keeping them out of the office. With the help of Fridge Fresh, companies will improve lost sick days and productivity revenue by eliminating the bacteria and lingering fridge odors from stored food.

Why Is It Important To Eliminate Odors And Bacteria From An Office Fridge?

According to the University of Arizona, it takes only one employee going to work ill to spread sickness to 50% of employees and surface areas. With coughing and sneezing going around the office, it will not take long before there is a sickness after eating caused by bacteria because an employee touched common areas like the office refrigerator. As it is a high-traffic area, many workers are exposed and will get sick.

What is the ROI on a $29.98 Fridge Fresh unit to a company? Research by the CDC found that in the United States, workers with the flu spend $4.6 billion annually on medical needs like doctor visits and medication.  Worker sicknesses also cost businesses $7 billion in lost productivity and sick days.

How Does Activated Oxygen Technology Reduce The Likelihood Of A Sickness Bug?

Fridge Fresh’s activated oxygen technology (O3) is a scientific process that uses atom oxygen molecules to eliminate bacteria, viruses, odors, and pollutants inside your refrigerator. This process not only keeps your employees safe from exposure, but it also extends the shelf life of your stored fruits and vegetables by seven to ten days which will also prevent many of the lingering odors in your refrigerator.

Ozone also reduces the risk of e coli sickness which the CDC found affects 73,000 people every year. According to studies, ozone also kills e coli when water and air are treated. The study found that bacterial contamination that generally causes workplace and familial sickness also disinfects areas exposed to it.

The USDA found that e coli and salmonella foodborne illnesses cost the country $3.1 billion annually as well. Salmonella affects 1.4 million people yearly and causes the deaths of about 415. It also has an average cost of $1896 to treat which totals to about $2.65 billion in total medical expenditures.

Is Ozone Exposure Safe?

Activated Oxygen Technology is one of the safest and widely used processes in many industries worldwide to sterilize the air and keep harmful bacteria from forming on surface areas. The O3 process also deactivates ethylene gas which extends the accessibility of field to fork foods.  Activated oxygen technology is also a critical component to keep workers and their families safe and healthy which a Fridge Fresh will do long-term by removing toxins from your refrigerator’s air and interior surfaces.  

Every office fridge should have a Fridge Fresh unit as the workplace employees are critical to growth and revenue. While buying a Fridge Fresh, check out our air purifiers to ensure your air quality is clean, too.

Briana Bragg