5 Tips On Organizing Your Refrigerator

One of the most critical benefits of using Fridge Fresh is the preservation of fresh food. Without it, however, comes the need to organize a refrigerator that has an abundance of fresh food and stored leftovers. It never feels good to throw out food that expires, so here are five tips on organizing your refrigerator that will surely get you in a budget-friendly mindset.

Organize Your Food By Putting It Neatly In The Correct Area 

Storing common food groups together requires putting them in their correct places. Place thawing meats on the bottom shelf. Place vegetables and fruits in the proper crisper. Place condiments and drinks in the door. Put your eggs and dairy on the top shelf while you place the deli meats and milk on the bottom closest to the back of the wall where it is coldest. Also, keep any leftovers at eye-level with expiration dates displayed.

Store Food Items By Expiration Dates

 One of the easiest ways to overlook food is to store it wherever there is room. As you put in new groceries, the old ones tend to get pushed to the back which is a primary reason that forgotten food wastes. It is impossible to keep up with what you have and what you need to buy. Implementing a system by the expiration date will also help you remain vigilant in using products before they expire.

Install A Fridge Pull-Out Unit At Eye Level

There are two issues with leftovers: throwing out food that used to be entirely edible and washing storage containers. A solution to this problem is to install a Zip and Store on which you can hang Ziploc storage bags. It is convenient and organized. Not only will you have a reminder of leftovers you need to eat within three days, but you will cut down on dish duty while freeing up space. You also will know when you need to replace items like shredded cheese or resealable cold cuts.

Arrange Your Condiments In The Door Based On Usage

Some condiments like ketchup or mayonnaise often do not waste like syrup or jams because of usage. Putting the larger bottles in the back of the door and the shorter ones in front will ensure that your refrigerator stays orderly. This way, you have a reminder to consume the food before they waste because you can see the expiration dates on labels.

Use Containers

Containers are ideal for organizing the refrigerator. Not only do you know where everything is, but you have more room to store food. Use one for meat as it tends to drip blood which will cross-contaminate. For the same reason, fill one container with fresh vegetables and one for fruits. With a Fridge Fresh unit, it will also maximize the shelf life even beyond standard capacity which is what every shopper hopes to achieve.

The ability to save hundreds annually will enable families to shift savings to other household responsibilities other than food which is a primary benefit worth investing.

Steve Horrell