What Do Families + Landfills Have in Common?

There’s a common misconception that families should purchase enough food to last them 2 weeks or sometimes – an entire month! With this mentality, it is no wonder Americans throw away 33 million tons of spoilage from their refrigerators every year. Did you know, that’s enough to fill the Rose Bowl every 3 days?

A better practice is to create a list of what your family needs for the week and only buy those items. This eliminates excess food from sitting in your refrigerator and spoiling. Is your household guilty of keeping every left-over yet never touching it? You’re not alone. We encourage you to raise your hand high and vow to start new habits of not letting food fill landfills!

Today, we are going to outline what families and landfills have in common, how you can better educate yourself on buying only what you need, and ways to prolong the life of your food to stretch your pennies.

What Do Families + Landfills Have in Common?

When we asked this question, we received many answers:

  •       People are full of garbage.

  •       Families fill landfills and landfills are full of free stuff my family can use.

  •       They both have “too much stuff” filling their space.

  •       Minimalism is not a dominate term practiced.

  •       Landfills cause global warming and families cause global warming.

While you may also think one of these top 5 answers, my question to you is – Why is it becoming more popular for businesses to create ways to eliminate landfill pileup, but families aren’t?

It all starts with learning the wrong habits and continuing to practice those habits day in and day out. On average, it takes 21 days to stop an old habit pattern. While it may be hard to only cook ‘enough for one dish’ it can be achieved. Keeping cooking down to the bare minimum will eliminate spoilage within refrigerators and landfills.

How to Buy Only Food You Need

Building healthy habits does not only mean households should practice making ‘just enough’ food but also practicing healthy buying habits. The best way to practice healthy buying habits is to create a meal plan for the entire week. That means you’ll write down breakfast, lunch and dinner + snacks for Monday – Sunday of the following week. We encourage you to do this over a Saturday or Sunday, so you can buy the same day and implement for the following week (next 1-2 days).

After you’ve created your meal plan, it’s time to write out the grocery list. How old-school, we know! But, as old habits die hard this is one you can use that hopefully your grandparents or parents used to do. Once your list is ready to go, it’s time to head to the local grocery store. Keep in mind, you are shopping for things that are ONLY on that list. That means, no going through extra aisles or adding things just because they are on sale. This is a sure-fast way to cancel out all the work you just put in and a big #shoppingfailure.

Can You Prolong the Life of Your Fresh Fruits and Vegetables?

Absolutely! In fact, on average families can prolong their fresh fruits and vegetables anywhere between 7-10 days by using Activated Oxygen within their refrigerators. That means more money in your pockets and freshness in your belly!

Steve Horrell