Fridge Fresh Got Featured By Mom Influencer Michelle Diltz

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California, June 26, 2018, Instagram

Fridge Fresh Got Featured By Mom Influencer Michelle Diltz





Fridge Fresh is excited to announce that Instagram’s mom influencer Michelle Diltz

featured our device on June 21, 2018. Diltz, otherwise known on Instagram as Hello Blushing Blonde to more than 23,000 followers, shared her family’s enthusiasm for Fridge Fresh’s activated oxygen technology by showcasing her daughter’s response.


Fridge Fresh is committed to helping families reduce food costs and more than 6,424 pounds of wastethat families send annually to American landfills. As families like the Diltz show, Fridge Fresh’s technology globally enhances their quality of life by reducing food spoilage and directly decreasing household expenses significantly.


Fridge Fresh’s device is also a critical element to the consumption of phytonutrients that fight illness and disease. A diet of fresh fruits and vegetables reduces the risk of diseases like cardiovascular, diabetes, gastrointestinal illnesses, high blood pressure, and cancer. Studies also support the consumption of fresh produce to boost health and well-being. 


Fridge Fresh believes that all families should Live A Full Life Of Freshwhich is why the eco-friendly device kills the pollutants and microbes in the refrigerator that cause fruits and vegetablesto welt and mold so quickly.   


Fridge Fresh was delighted to read, “Since we got our new @fridgefresh our fruit and veggies have never stayed so fresh for so long!”It is a sentiment echoed by many Fridge Fresh families whose lives have been influenced by the use of Activated Oxygen Technologies.  


Fridge Freshfirst revolutionized kitchen products by introducing Activated Oxygen Technologiesto optimize a refrigerator’s environment by destroying odors and bacteria. Click here to learn more about the benefits of our activated oxygen technology which extends the shelf life of your fruits and vegetables by 7 to 10 days.





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