10 Simple Ways To Create Less Food Waste


Food waste is influencing communities globally to find new ways to reduce landfill garbage. From using Fridge Fresh’s activated oxygen technology to storage practices, families are working to change the world where they live. Here are ten simple ways to create less food waste.

1.     Know What You Have In The Pantry

 How often do you check your pantry and refrigerator before buying more? How often do you find fruits or veggies that are no longer eatable? Always keep track before shopping.

2.     Make A Shopping List

 Create a shopping list. You should not continue to buy products that you forget in the crisper. Think about ingredients when shopping and buy the right quantity for meals.


3.     Cook Only What You Will Eat

If you know you will eat leftovers, cook extra and store it in the freezer. If you know your leftovers will get thrown away, buy less and cook only what you need for each meal. 


4.     Do Not Buy Groceries For Days You Typically Eat Out

You should keep in mind the days you eat out so you do not buy the fruits and vegetables that have a short life span unless you have our Fridge Fresh technology in your fridge.


5.     Run Your Kitchen With The FIFO Rule

Restaurants practice the first in, first out rule to reduce food waste. When you bring in new groceries to the house, make sure to pull forward older goods. You can use the same technique to ensure that nothing new gets opened in the fridge until the old ones are used.  


6.     Check Expiration Dates And Make a note of Those Close To Expiring

 You should also check for “use by” and “sell by” dates as each has different meanings. Use by is an expiration date. Sell by gives you more time to use past the date displayed. 


7.     Preserve Food

Do you have a food dehydrator? If so, it is an ideal way to preserve food. You can also can fruits and vegetables that last for a year. You can even can leftovers like soup or chili which gives you a wide range of opportunities to eat them in the long-term. 


8.     Do Not Order Large Meals At Restaurants

Restaurants generally serve large meals so that they make more revenue.You end up taking half of the meal home. Why not share it with a friend? It will save you both.


9.     Store Food As Advised

When you store your food properly, you can extend their shelf lives for weeks. Use air-tight storage containers. Freeze leftovers. Follow our guide for proper produce storage.


10.   Invest In Fridge Fresh

When you have a Fridge Fresh device, you have seven to ten extra days because of the oxygenated technology that kills the microbes that make fruit and veggies spoil.

Reducing food waste is a universal initiative. Not only can we work with our neighbors to reduce food waste from getting to the landfills, but we practice waste reduction techniques that affect the world which we live. Visit our blog to learn more about waste reduction practices that work.

Steve Horrell