Best Ways To Reduce Waste


According to 2016 EPA data, each person contributes to 4.4 pounds of waste daily. Over a year, a family of four produces 6,424 pounds of trash in a landfill. So, how do you combat it? Here are seven of the best ways to reduce waste while being an environmentally-friendly family.

1.     Extend Shelf Life Of Food


One of the most significant contributions to waste is the loss of food because of spoilage. Investing in ways to extend the shelf life of food will reduce waste while also decreasing your household expenses. Fridge Fresh has revolutionized the quality of life for families worldwide because of the benefits of activated oxygen technology.


2.    Learn to Recycle


Do you know the rules of recycling? Waste Management’s website has critical information that enables families to implement practices based on usage. They also offer scientific case studies and a learning center that teaches you all you need to know about how your family can contribute to waste reduction by recycling. 


3.    Make A Compost


Composting helps reduce waste organically. It is also a straightforward process that is simple to accomplish. Waste like vegetable peels, egg shells, or leftovers decomposes naturally. Layer your organic material and then cover with soil. It will create compost that enriches the earth which you can also use to enhance your lawn or garden. 


4.    Buy Reusable Grocery Bags


With just a small investment in a reusable bag, it will reduce waste by 125 plastic and 52 paper bags. Plastic can take centuries to break down, and for every 700 paper bags you consume, a tree is cut to manufacture them. Imagine the waste you would save by incorporating reusable items and avoiding paper or plastic products.


5.    Choose To Repair Rather Than Replace 


When you break an item, do you repair or discard it? Often, the price to fix is more than to buy new which makes it a difficult decision to make. Fashion also drives people to reject perfectly good products. By thinking about reduction, it is an excellent way to contribute to local small repair shops while also reducing debris in landfills.  


6.     Create Meal Plans 


A recent survey found that 54% of parents cook more than one meal because of picky eating habits, and 34% order from two or more restaurants when eating out. This data is shocking as it is expensive to purchase items for multiple dishes. Creating meal plans will reduce waste while also finding recipes that your family will enjoy collectively.  


7.     Redesign Recycling Campaigns 


Why is recycling such a taboo topic in some countries? Treehugger indicates that the best way to reduce waste is to add incentives like refundable deposits which is not unheard of outside of the United States. Mexico City sets up the Mercado del Trueque (barter market) monthly to incentivize recycling. On its first day, it landed 11 tons of recyclable materials and helped 3000 families trade for fruits and vegetables.It not only will help families who need food, but it will renew recycling efforts that attract participants.


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Steve Horrell