Best Ways to Repurpose Food

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People often see food in a singular way for sustainability. They cook dinner and throw out the rest which sits for years in local landfills. What if you could eliminate food waste completely? Some countries like France, Japan and China are showing the world how to do just that. 

As these countries lead the global initiative to end waste, others like the United States, Norway, and Singapore are looking for the best ways to repurpose food as well. Learning to repurpose food that will get your family on board will also change the world’s view ofwaste, too.

Leftover Meal Repurposing:

The best and most useful way to repurpose food is to see it as a multi-dimensional source for future food or DIY household ingredients instead of a disposal leftover with no purpose. 

·      Make A Broth Or Use Meat As Base For Second Meal


If you buy a whole chicken, a pack of beef, or seafood, you do not have to cook it all in one meal, Take chicken parts, extra pieces of beef, and shrimp heads to reduce it down in a rich broth ideal for soups. You can also save leftover vegetables and freeze them along with the broth to make a tasty pot of soup.


·      Grate Organic Citrus Fruit And Use Zest In Other Meals


When it comes time to cook a meal that calls for fruit juice, make zest before you cut the fruit and freeze it until you need it. You can use citrus peels to make lemon or orange flavored sugar, sauces, frostings, marinades, or candied peels.


·      Use The Green Tops Of Vegetables To Make Salads Or Pesto


Greens  are packed full of vitamins and minerals that supporta healthy and balanced diet. Until recently, people discarded the greens on vegetables. Instead of discarding them, use them in soup base flavoring, salads, or pesto recipes.


·      Make Cake Pops With Leftover Desserts


Cake makes for a great dessert, but it often wastessince it stales quickly. Crumble it up and make cake pops for a future dessert or weekend picnic with the family.


·      Make A Compost To Make Fertilizer 


Most people discard food like egg shells and coffee grounds, but they are highly reusable as household items. Did you know that eggshellshelp to deter insects in your garden? Did you know shells feed your garden calcium? Did you know a half cup of coffee grounds mixed with warm water make great fertilizer? The coffeeground smell also repelsinsects and makes for a trash can deodorizer. 


·      Make Natural Cleaning Supplies and Beauty Products


When making zest, also use them to create many household cleaning and beauty supplies. Mosquitos hate the smell of citrus, so it serves a significant purpose against disease. You can also create natural cleaning and beauty products that not only lowers your food waste but saves your family hundreds of dollars a year.

Do you have a favorite food waste repurposing practice you would like to share? We would love to hear about it. You can also read more about food repurposing on our blog and Facebook page. 

Steve Horrell