Eco Friendly Tips for Busy Moms


For mothers worldwide, it is a bit daunting to work, care for the home, and take care of the family. On top of these daily tasks, many supermoms also rise to the challenge by making lifestyle choices that areenvironmentally safe for family members as well. Here are three eco-friendly tips for busy moms that will save time, energy, and money. 

1.    Cut Down On Food Costs And Waste


One of the weekly chores that moms dislike is grocery shopping. Why? Well, as busy moms, we usuallytake our kids, deal with other busy shoppers, and always forget something that we went into the store for in the first place. This experience leads to another trip to the store, with kids, and other busy shoppers. What is worse is that something bought never seems to last in the refrigerator like it did on the store shelf. 

Tip: Cut down on food costs and waste by investing in Fridge Fresh’s activated oxygen technology. It is one of the simplest ways to elevate youreco-friendly mindset. Not only will yourfamily have access to fruits and vegetables for a more extended period, but it will reduce the amount of time youspend in grocery stores replacing what youbought. 


2.    Make Homemade Products Like Cleaners For The Kitchen

Store-bought cleaners are harsh, contain pesticides and chemicals, and are often more dangerous than the germs youhope to eliminate. For busy moms, taking the time to purchase the materials, cleaning, throwing multiple bottles out, and then replacing them can be taxing both financially and energetically. 

Tip:Purchase vinegar, baking soda, or lemons to use as eco-friendly cleaners. The ingredients are cheap and non-toxic which means they cut down on shopping and wasteful spending. Lemons, especially, have antibacterial properties which makes it a natural way to disinfect. Citrus also repels mosquitos which makes it even more beneficial to moms. Buying a reusablespray bottle will cut down on disposable waste. 

3.    Start Or Join An Eco-Friendly Mom’s Co-op Group


How many of you travel to different stores within a single shopping trip to find eco-friendly products? A single trip can turn into an all-day excursion which no busy mom likes to experience. Starting or joining an eco-friendly co-opis one of the best tips for busy moms to save time, energy, and money. 


Tip:Having access to organically grown fruits, vegetables, raw honey, fresh eggs, cheese, or any number of eco-friendly products offer many benefits. So, how can you start a group? Simple! Ask yourfriends and neighbors to make a list of the products they want including the amount. Each mom pays a part to buy bulk or directly from farmers. Once delivered, each mom gets their shares. Each mom can volunteer when needed.


We would love to hear about your favorite eco-friendly tips. We would alsoliketo hear about your co-op experience. Leave us a message on Facebook or an image on Instagram so that we can see how other busy moms strive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Steve Horrell