Fourth of July Family Fun


The 4thof July is the most patriotic all-American holiday. It is the one day of the year that the gift you receive is the freedom to celebrate among your family and friends. Are you planning for the big day yet? Our friend over at The Red Headed Hostess shared a few of her most memorable 4th of July activities, so we decided to share a few more for your Fourth of July family fun day. 

Décor Ideas

·      Red White And Blue Stars


No 4thof July would be complete without decorations. Lea Griffith has an easy template for paper stars. With a bit of string, you could use them as tree hangers, window décor, or table placers. Merely use her model and printred and blue weighted paper. You will also need scissors, thread, and a glue gun. The website has step-by-step directions that will turn yourbackyard into a patriotic scene. 

Bonus: These stars also make first, second, and third place ribbons if you add a ribbon. 

·      Confetti Poppers

Confetti poppers are exciting, and the kids can reuse them all day long to celebrate. 


Plastic Bottles, Tape, Balloons

Directions: Remove the top three inches from a plastic bottle. Discard remaining pieces. Use tape to cover the area where you cut. Add a party balloon over the bottleneck so that itis secure. Cut red, white, and blue confetti and insert in the container. Hold the bottleneck and pull down on the balloon. Let it go to launch confetti. 

Summer Beverage

Of course, you will have your typical barbecue, burgers, and tasty sides. With the heat, you will also need something to cool your family down. Nothing quenches your thirst better than a tall glass of lemonade and some fresh fruit treats. We have just the solution for a hot July day.

·     Star Spangled Raspberry Lemonade


6 Freshly Squeezed Lemons, ¾ Cup of Raspberries, 6 Cups of Water, 1 Cup Sugar, Ice

Optional: Strawberries, mint, or chia seeds. 

Directions: Squeeze the lemons into a pitcher. You should have about one cup of juice. Combine the sugar and water and stir. Add raspberries and adjust ingredients accordingly. If raspberries are not to your liking, add in another fruit, mint, or chia seeds. 

·     Choose a variety of fruits that are red, white, and blue. Let kids make patriotic designs.


·     Bean Bag Toss Rocket Launch

Kids and adults alike love games. Keep your family engaged with a bean bag toss. 


Beans, Fabric, Needle and Thread, Cans, Red, White, and Blue Paint

Directions: First, you will need to make some small bean bags. Use any old cloth. Cut them in matching squares big enough to fit in someone’s hand. Sew three sides, add beans, and finish sewing. Paint opened soda or can goods with stripes or flags. If you have multiple kids, make sets. Stack them in a triangle. Each kid gets three turns.

From all of us at Fridge Fresh, we hope your 4thof July is as fun as ours. We would love for you to visit us on Facebook and share your tips or past decor images with us. 

Steve Horrell