How Activated Oxygen Technology Removes Bacteria in Air


Did you know that oxidation is a nontoxicodor remover? What is oxidation? Oxidation occurs when ozone, a gas, forms because of an electrical charge which naturally converts oxygen into ozone. It takes three oxygen molecules to convert ozone. It is when the three molecules produce oxidization that it triggers a response and kills micro-organisms like bacteria, fungus, mildew, and mold. It also targets odors by oxidizing particles that are present in your refrigerator. 

The power behind Fridge Fresh technology is that it neutralizes any present materials including organic and inorganic which kills the impurities on contact. Not only will ozone kill harmful bacteria in the air, but it will oxidize the food you have stored. It is also nontoxic, so it is much safer than using chemicals like bleach or kitchen cleaning sprays. It will also produce a stable environment for your stored food as well as fruits and vegetables you have in the storage bins. 

How Is Ozone Created?


Oxygen converts to ozone when positive and negative charges join together when they gain substance and fall from the air. When O2 molecules split, they become O/O. They then join with other molecules which forminto O3. It is the O3 molecule that splits and oxidizes the microorganisms present. The air then quickly returns to O2 which is the air we take in every day. 


Why Not Just Use A Cleaning Agent?

Chemicals are harmful for a few crucial reasons. First, sprays leave residue on your storage containers which can cross-contaminate the environment when adding or removing them. Not only is it unhealthy, but it can cause sickness and even death if enough of the cleaning agent is absorbed bythe body. Chemical agents also do not remove odors. It merely covers it up in the short-term. The micro-organisms and odors are still there and create an unhealthy atmosphere. 

While Fridge Fresh is developed specifically for the refrigerator, the technology behind it is used in any environment where odors or germs are present. It is also a technology that is safe whether in the home, the office, or for sterilization of habitats that are prone to germs and bacteria. 

Is Ozone Harmful? 

Ozone exposure is not harmful because of the low amounts used in Fridge Fresh technology. Industrial use in products, however, are low as the primary need is to remove micro-organisms. In small levels, it is neither harmful or dangerous to humans. It is also a technology that is widely used in many products that fall in line with sterilization safety protocols. 

What Are A Few Advantages To Using Ozone Technology?

·     You sterilize the area without the use of harmful chemicals or neutralizers.

·     Ozone is a nontoxicodor remover that naturally removes it from air and water.

·     Ozone technology is cheaper than the annualpurchase of cleaning agents. 

·     The oxidation method helps produce extend the normal shelf life by 7 to 10 days. 


To learn more about ozone technology, you can find it here. You can also buy Fridge Fresh right now for only $29.98 which is going to give you long-lasting benefits that reduce waste and costs.

Steve Horrell