How Activated Oxygen Technology Works


Fridge Fresh is a groundbreaking product that revolutionizes how budget-conscious families can use technology to extend the shelf life of refrigerated products. According to NRDC, Americans waste about 40% of farm-produced food annually which equates to about $165 billion. Because of the large amount of avoidable waste, it is of significant value to learn how activated oxygen technology works since families can extend fruit and vegetable availability by up to ten days. 

What Is Ozone?

Ozone is a triatomicoxygen. Ozone molecules, or O3, contains three oxygen atoms that have a very short life-span on average of about 20 minutes. The ozone naturally will return to its original diatomic state of O2, so it will release one atom which is the technology behind Fridge Fresh.  The process of losing one atom is oxidation which is why it is commonly usedin the industrial industry.

Why Is Oxidation An Essential Element Of Fridge Fresh?

Ozone oxidizes and disinfects points of contact and is considered oneof the most reliableelements used for water treatment. It is also one and a half times stronger than bleach which significantly validates Fridge Fresh because of its oxidizing potential.

Ozone And Disinfection

Growing families disinfect everything in the home. From the toys your kids play with to the bathroom and kitchen they use, a clean houseis critical to health. Disinfectant is also vital because of the way we refrigerate meat and vegetables that we consume. To prevent infectious material from spreading, it is critical to keep an area clean.

Another issue worth discussing is the outbreak of harmful bacteria like E. coli that infects lettuce and other agricultural produce. While there is no solution for every problem, ozone disinfectant does kill the harmful germs that humans need to avoid when consuming fruits and vegetables. It is one of the most significant benefits of using an ozone-producing product that directly kills germs, virus, and bacteria that are knownto break down healthy bodies. 

How Does Ozone Eradicate Harmful Bacteria?

Ozone destroys harmful organisms by fracturing the walls of any cells that are present. It also deactivates any virus-likeBacillus spores that arepresent which is the leadingcause of flu outbreaks amongfamily members. Ozone also deactivates bacteria that has been linkedto other unhealthy medical issues. 

Is Ozone Technology Safe?

Ozone technology is both safe and environmentally friendly. As it attacks the germs, it does not affect the presence of consumable food and water sources. Ozone is also a powerful oxidizer that is safe, unlikebleach which is a harsh and dangerous chemical to consume. Bleach is also a carcinogen, but ozone is not which makes it a far more reliablecomponent ofhuman interaction. 

When tested, about 99.99% of influenza A particles that were attached to plastic components were eradicated by 10 ppm of ozone gasin 23 to 29 degrees and in the humidityof about 65% which is perfect for refrigerated conditions.

There has been a great deal of scientific testing done in the past about the effects of ozone on other industrial components. Based on testing, ozone technology does not negatively affect any of the material we use to oxidize any products in the refrigerator.  

Steve Horrell