Top 5 Summer Recycling Tips


Did you know that only a tenth of trash gets recycled annually? With most kids out of school for the summer, it is the perfect season to get your family involved with recycling activities while visiting the beach, taking a vacation, or arranging activities that includethe neighborhood. It takes only a few minutes to engage in these top five summer recycling tips.

1.   Start A Family Recycling Fund For A Family Vacation


Did you know that Americans consumes 65 billion canned sodas annually? Aluminum sells for about forty cents a pound. Copper and brass runbetween one and three dollars a pound. Starting a recycling program to monetize recycling could contribute to a new playground. Alternatively,your family could pay for a trip to Disneyland, a household item, or video games. By teaching children that recyclables have value, they see them other than trash. Moreover, the companies use the recycled cans to make more sodas.


2.    Turn Trash Into Crafts


Children lovedoing things during the day because of their school activities. A funidea is to save recycling materials for crafts. You can make can telephones, papier-mâché art using old newspapers, a mosaic, or bird feeders. Look at everything you want to throw away to see if you can repurpose it. Those toilet paper tubes, plastic bottles, and egg cartons come in handy when you have a few craft ideas as inspiration. You can easily recycle them when finished with your fun family projects.


3.    Plan A Community Clean-up To Promote Recycling


Did you know that one recycled plastic bottle can power a light bulb for about four hours? To contribute to a healthierearth, your family can work with your neighbors to choose one day to go out intothe community to clean and recycle the products you collect. You can also work with the city to join community activities that they schedule during the summer which will contribute to a cleaner city landscape.


4.    Teach Your Kids About Recycling By Using Bins


Did you know that the recycling rate for the U.S. is only 34%? One issue that has affected recycling is that some families are not aware of how to properly use the bins. The Environmental Blog suggests that the best way to keep kids from littering is to introduce them to recycle bins. It is the ideal way to pass on knowledgeby making it a learning exercise that the entire family can enjoy. 


5.    Go Green For The Fourth Of July


On any given American holiday, consumers produce more than five million extra tons of trash. With the 4thof July around the corner, we thought it would be a great time to mention going green for a holiday. Cutting out paper products, using real dishes, recycling products, and being environmentally conscious when visiting parks or beaches is one of the most crucial ways your family can cut down on waste.


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Steve Horrell