Unique Fruits Your Family Will Love


Unless you are a world traveler, your knowledge of exotic fruit names is probablyas limited to those offered at your farmer’s market. While bananas, apples, and grapes are readily available sources of vitamins and minerals, an excellentway to diversify your diet is by trying exotic fruits. Fresh Fridge has identified seven unique fruits your family will love. 

1.    Tamarillo


This reddish fruit is a native to South America. People often refer to it asa tomato fruit because it resembles the cherry or Romavarieties. While the outside peel is bitter, the inside of the fruit hasa sweet taste full of vitamins like A, B, C, and E. You will only consume about 31 calories per 100 grams of a tamarillo which makes it super healthy. 


2.    Pitaya


Also known as Dragon Fruit, the yellow fruit is native to Mexico. SE Asian countries grow the pink pitaya.This fruit contains 268 calories in every 100 grams which would be an excellent source fora meal. They are rich in Vitamin B, C, B1, iron, carotene, andcalcium. It has a melon, pear, and kiwi taste which works as a fruity snack or beverage.


3.    Australian Finger Lime


As you can guess, the finger lime is native to Australia and grown in purple, red, pink, green, or yellow varieties. They are rich in Vitamins A and C, iron, and calcium. You will consume 30 calories in a four-ounce serving which is ahealthy snack or tastydrinks. The lemony-lime flavoring is also greaton food to reduce salt intake.


4.    Kiwano


Kiwano is an orange, horned fruit that is native to Africa. Inside the kiwanois a tasty green jelly that contains seeds that have only 44 calories for every 100 grams you eat. It is also rich in B3, B5, B6, zinc, iron, and potassium.


5.    Durian


The durian is native to SE Asia. The yellow-spiked fruit has a strong, off-putting odor, but it has a delicious taste. The fruit is abundant ina variety of vitamins and nutrients including Vitamin A, C, riboflavin, protein, and calcium. In just 100 grams, you will only consume 147 calories, so do not let the smell prevent thisonce-in-a-lifetime experience.


6.    Karonda

Karonda is nativeto the Himalayas and Nepal, but it is found today in India. The thorns, berry-flavored fruit, and leaves have medicinal properties which makeit popular. With only 42 calories, it is a healthy food that contains phosphorous, vitamin A, and calcium. 


7.    Cherimoya


Cherimoya is a native fruit found in South America. Green on the outside and a white custardy fruit found within, it is rich in vitamins like Vitamin C, B6, and iron. At 75 calories per 100 grams, it is also an excellent way to contribute to your caloric intake.


You can find many of these products locally or online because of their popularity. If you have a favorite fruit not listed here, follow us on Facebook and let us know about it.

Steve Horrell