Want Your Own Fridge Fresh Unit? Enter The E-Savings Giveaway!

Whether you want your first unit or would love a seconddevice for a friend, there is no better time to introduce your fridge to Fridge Fresh activated oxygen technology by entering E-Savings Blog give-a-way. It’s a win-win because you get the health benefits from Fridge Fresh and the give-a-way, personalfinance advice, and money savingtips from the E-Saving Blog website.

5 Benefits Of Fridge Fresh 

You’ve probably learned a lot from our blog about how the oxidation process extends the shelf lifeof your family’s fruits and vegetables while acting as the number one non-toxic odor remover. Here are five more benefits that will persuade you that you want in on this freebie.  

1.    Fridge Fresh Destroys Harmful Bacteria In Your Fridge


Did you know that bacteria, mold, and mildew thrive in your refrigerator? Fridge Fresh ozone technology has a proven track record of killing microorganisms on contact which is why your producewill last seven to ten more days than you expect. 


2.     Your Fridge Fresh Is Environmentally-Friendly


As we recently reported about the EPA, each American contributes 4.4 pounds of trash to landfills. At Fridge Fresh, we are always looking for additional ways to be greener which is why we promote the same principles to our blog readers. If you want to be environmentally friendly, get a Fridge Fresh to reduce waste and use more leftovers.


3.     It’s Affordable Technology


Did you know that Fridge Fresh is regularly only $29.98? If you won the give-a-way, you have access to the type of affordable technology that is long-lasting. You know that once you use it that you will love it, so you will affordably be able to replace it. 


4.     It Contributes To Health


Fruits and vegetables are critical to life-sustaininglongevity. The Food Guide Pyramid calls for three to five servings of vegetables and two to four servings of fruit. With a Fridge Fresh unit, you will be able to meet the daily recommendations of servings.


5.     You’ll Love It!


From The Doctors to Men’s Health, companies have raved about Fridge Fresh because it is the type of product you will love to own. You will also always have peace-of-mind because you know Fridge Fresh is working day and night to keep your food safe. 


If you need more inspiration than a free Fridge Fresh to visit https://esavingsblog.com/fridge-fresh-giveaway/, check out their money-making and personal finance tips.As E-Savings Blog is an expert at personal finance, their recommendation for Fridge Fresh technology hits home the advice that it is a critical way to save money by extending the shelf-life of your food. A few benefits we noticed include their Freebie Library that you can access when you sign up for the chance to win a free unit. Using their Expense Tracker and Monthly Budget forms will also allow you to see just how much you save monthly in grocery costs and reduces waste. 


We wish you luck in the give-a-way. We also want to remind you that if you do not win, you can also buy it at https://www.fridgefresh.com/buy/fridgefresh.

Steve Horrell